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I am a professor in Caen, after being in Paris (CNRS) and Toulouse.
I started research doing foliations, with Harold Rosenberg as advisor, now I do geometric group theory.
I have a thèse d'état, which I defended on June 13, 1983, on foliations of surfaces.

My publications since 2002 are on arXiv.
Older ones are in this zip file (58 Mo).

I was lucky to have very good students : Christian Bonatti (on subjects suggested by Harold), Adnane Chouikh, Gaël Meigniez, Damien Gaboriau, Paolo Gusmao, Isabelle Liousse, Vincent Guirardel, Malik Koubi (with the help of Thomas Delzant), Arnaud Hilion, Chloé Perin (codirection with Zlil Sela), Benjamin Beeker.

I made this page in order to make unpublished papers in group theory available.  The idea came during a conference organized by Arnaud Hilion, thanks Arnaud.

Laboratoire LMNO, UMR 6139 (Equipe Algèbre, Géométrie, Logique)
Université de Caen
F14032 Caen Cedex

Campus 2, S3 241
Tél. : +33 2 31 56 74 57
Fax : +33 2 31 56 73 20

email   levitt (at)